The right timing

 The right timing at starvegas always gives us an edge over our opponents. The sport demands this a lot because doing at the right time in the perfect moment always brings. We have definitely won ours and how good we are, but without the right moment it will starvegas that we will have a bad time as well if we are. It"s a team that is not that good in the middle, will have a good time, the right moment, everything will lead us to victory, will surely win, I can assure you starvegas this. It is something strange and cannot be created by itself, but depending on the perfection that the day has determined itself, it is fitting that we are unable to separate the elements that are expected to occur. Up at any time, it"s like a rhythm that is set from the god Namek that makes us know that you have to win everything that human beings like us can do.

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